I cannot believe my last website update was November of 2017. I knew I had to ‘get back into it’ but did not realize the amount of time that has past since then. So how does one relaunch a website? Should I write some type of announcement, write a tech article, update you on the past two plus years, or what is going on today? Options are an abundance.

I guess I can start with my audience. What would they want to know? Well looking at my website statistics, I can rule out any audience. Who knows if anybody would even read this anyway…

Well the first thing to do was update the Banner Pic on the main page. The previous was a shot of St. Martin Simpson Bay one of my favorite destinations. Once I reset all my login information, I was presented with a new problem, what picture to select? Stock photo, something recent, random? Well, I have to meet the pixel requirement of 1280 x 426. OK, what Pano shots do I have on my phone? Ahh, there it is… A shot from my family hike in the Las Vegas area. Yes there is more to do in Vegas than the strip. Never been off the strip? You should try it next time. So now you are caught up with the last 20 minutes or so.

I am going to end my rambling now. That’s it, my official relaunch. I know, no exciting announcement, no look into the past two plus years, not a tech article. However, I did update you on the last 20 plus minutes of writing this article. That’s cool right? What is to come? Well, I would like to set some obtainable goals here. Lets start by updating the website once a month. I know it should be more but considering my record that is a great improvement. As far as topics I am gong to leave it wide open. Tech articles, travel, home improvement, golf, basically anything that interests me. I hope to get a few readers here and there. If not maybe a journal for my family to follow.