Old School

One of my customers is near my parents house and I have the benefit of stopping by there when time permits. My mother found one of my elementary school folders from 5th grade which was from a computer class. I typically take a look and toss the folder, I am not a pack rat, but thought no better way to enshrine something that to toss it up on the web.

The year was 1983 and I never thought back then that I would end up in the IT field. Pretty cool to see my first introduction to the computer and command lines.



In retrospect, 5th grade was an impressionable year that would change my life. It was the year I changed schools (we moved staying in the same town but different school district). This was a pretty big deal back in the 80’s since we actually went outside and played with friends. The new neighborhood was filled with kids who would become great friends, the new school district is where I would meet my future wife and those new friends would end up in my wedding party. One life change setting a new path.

Man am I getting old…