A little bit about me. I started in the IT space about 25 years ago. When I was a young adult, bouncing from college to college, I wanted to be a Police Officer. Once I accumulated 60 credit hours, I took the County Police Civil Service exam. During this time a friend got me a job installing computer cable. Mostly Cat 5 but there was still some Type 1 and BNC going around. This is Buffalo we are a little bit slow on adoption. Anyway, I scored well enough on the exam but retirements where light that year and I was never selected.

While installing the physical layer I noticed how cool these IT people were. They had offices, played with new technology and were heavily relied on; assets to the organization. Sure there was weekend work but that seemed a little safer than police work. Over the next few years I progressed in the roles I held, accumulating experience and taking on more responsibility. I would only change companies a handful of times over my career but when I did it was to gain more experience and take on more responsibility.

I have been at VMware now for over 5 years. I am proud to say it was the best decision I ever made. It is truly a great company to work for and they continue to impress. There is ample opportunity to learn more each day, everybody is willing to help each other, and we continue to evolve.