Catching Up

Well it has been a few months since my last blog. Priorities and additional responsibilities have delayed me from getting something posted. Re-organizing my time as taken longer than I expected. I apologize to my few followers. I cannot believe we are wrapping up June 2017 already. It seems like we were just getting ready for the winter break not too long ago.

So lets catch up.

Personally, wait can I say that, oh yea itโ€™s a personal blog. Personally I have been pushing my spare time to the limit. I have been updating my home for about a year now. It started last year when my daughter, Teia, wanted her room re-painted. Well, a weekend job turned into installing hardwood floors on the second floor, a kitchen update (with some home automation ๐Ÿ™‚ ), office update, and now I am working through the remainder of the house with hardwood. I am finishing the dining room now. I find this work relaxing at times, and honestly, I am pretty good at it. Something to fall back on if needed; having a craft that can make you money is never a bad thing right? Thankfully I have a very patient wife but I think I am getting close to the limit. There has been at least one room in disarray for over a year now. I need to pick up the pace.


The home improvement project happens on nights and weekends when I am not taking care of higher priorities. Teia just wrapped up her Junior year in High School so we have been college shopping on a few weekends. A couple, much needed, trips to Florida for vacation (those who live in the North East understand this), writing an abstract for VMworld 2017 and of course studying for my VCP-DCV that was going to expire in March; which thankfully I passed.

Since the last blog our CESF Inc. foundation has been hard at work too. We have held three successful fund raising events, Party with a Purpose , Teacher Basketball game, partnering with the Clarence Teachers Association, and our Annual Peach Cup golf tournament. All were a great success that is credited to the superb Board of the foundation.

From a work perspective – I was selected to the CTO Ambassador Program at VMware. I am humbled and honored to be part of such a prestigious group of thought leaders. This happened in January, and since then, there has been weekly meetings and a couple of trips to the West Coast. We are also gearing up for VM World 2017 and I am involved in some of the conference planning as well as preparing for the panel session I am hosting.

Now that we are caught up I am hopeful to get blogs out on a more regular basis. I am crafting one now that will most likely be posted on the TAM Blog in the near future. I will post a link here if that is the case.