My Personal VMworld 2017 Gratitude

I think it is important to do a recap of my VMworld 2017.  First and foremost there are so many people to thank for their contributions. No one person can contribute to VMworld. It takes a team of dedicated individuals willing to sacrifice their personal time for the company. Being a great company that VMware is, this is not hard to come by, but nevertheless, important to thank those involved.

  • TAM Customer Day Specialists Roundtables – This is my fourth year working on this event, my second year leading the effort. For those who are not familiar with TAM Customer Day, it is an exclusive event held for our TAM Customers. In the past it was a dedicated day starting with a General Session, followed by several break-out sessions, Ask the Expert sessions, closing sessions, and finally the TAM Customer Reception. This year we scaled back to a half day hosting a General Session followed by Specialists Roundtables (formally Ask the Experts). This was done to limit the conflicts of other events happening on this day. IMHO, this worked out much better as attendance was over 1200 customers. We also added Demo Stations to the Specialists Roundtables this year and response was off the charts. TAM Customers got a sneak peak of the new software releases and services that were announced later in the week. #TAMvalue
    • Thank you – Jason D., Cheryl E., Khalid D., Bill S., Bill K., and Niska D.
  • Presenting Break Out Session – Automation Deployed: Now What? Four Different Perspectives of Day 2 Operations in an Automated Environment [LDT2867PU] – This was my second VMworld presentation. This year I decided to go with a customer panel and I am glad I did. I thought the information shared was extremely valuable and I will certainly follow up with a dedicated blog on the content. I always liked hearing customer use cases when I was a customer and I am happy to bring this type of perspective to my sessions. BTW – these are all TAM customers. #TAMvalue
    • Thank you – Erin O., Cecilio A., Will H., Dan R., Michael McGowan, Steve Schofield, Nabeel Chaudhri, Curt Johnson.


  • Booth / Floor Duty – This year VMware had the largest booth in Solutions Exchange and it was awesome. For the first time we had Industry Booths and I was asked to work the Banking booth. During my shift I had to run out for a customer meeting.
    • Thank you – Imran J. and Cecilio A.


  • Customer Meetings – If you are a TAM at VMworld and you are not running from meeting to meeting for your customers, you are not doing your job. While I did have a couple of pre-scheduled meetings, there were a couple of impromptu customer to customer meetings that were pulled together. Without help from my peers this would not have happened. #TAMvalue
    • Thank you – Sean D., Sean L., Peter D., Dan C., Jane M., Mandip G.

Food Tour with Chef Dell

  • Spousetivities ( – If you travel for business and have the opportunity to bring your significant other, it is a great opportunity to travel together. However, what does he or she do while you are in a conference all day? Spousetivities! This is the third year my wife has traveled to VMworld with me and her third year at Spousetivities. This year I volunteered her to be the liaison for our TAM Customers if their significant others has questions. She fielded DM’s and texts answering questions and getting those set up with activities. Additionally she had to put up with me and my colleagues through a couple of entertaining dinners. #TAMwifevalue
    • Thank you Jenna!


I want to acknowledge my the North East TAM Team for their support over the past several months. Whether you realize it or not, your support helps me tremendously. From simply being flexible in rescheduling a meeting, to assisting on a customer call, none of this happens with out the support of arguably the best team at VMware.

Last but certainly not least. Cheryl of the House Principal TAM, First of Her Name, the Undeterred, Queen of TCC, Cheryl of the Great Elastic Sky, Breaker of Issues, and Mother of TAMs (reference). Your guidance over the past year has been priceless. Thank you for your continued support!




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