VMware Announces Cloud Services – Expanding into a SaaS Portfolio

Wow! What a great time to be a part of VMware. This was by far the most exciting VMworld that I have been a part of. With so much that was announced, I want to highlight the announcements that were made around Cloud Services. With all the excitement of what the tools do, I wanted to simplify what was announced and why it is key to the IT industry.

In October 2016,  VMware announced a strategic alliance with Amazon to bring us VMC on AWS (VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services). This has been in the works through a limited beta and VMware announced the Initial Availability at VMworld 2017. In addition to this announcement, VMware also announced VMware Cloud Services.

I fully understand the excitement of  having VMC on AWS available, the use cases are quite compelling (Disaster Recovery in the cloud, Datacenter expansion or relocation, TCO savings), and I am sure technologists were chomping at the bit to see the pricing.  There were plenty of demos and customer endorsements around the product as well. However in talking to a few customers, the Cloud Services announcements seemed to be a bit muted or lost in conversation.

VMware Cloud Services is VMware Software available as a Service or VMware SaaS. This is key to the IT industry as we have seen the paradigm shift in how IT software  is offered. IT is consistently asked to do more with less.  We have all heard the buzz words like, agility, elasticity and efficiency. Well, these buzz words are the CIO’s deliverables. They are to provide new products at faster speeds wile using technology efficiencies to drive down costs. VMware listens and continues to address these needs.

The argument can be made either way for on-prem and off-prem services; maybe a topic for another blog. However, VMware gives customers the flexibility to choose a traditional licensing model, SaaS, or even a combination of both (yes I avoided the “h” word there). Not all of VMware’s licensing is available as a service, but most of the core products are.

VMC on AWS is part of the VMware Cloud Services Portfolio. If you visit: https://cloud.vmware.com/service-catalog you can find the full menu of the Cloud Services offerings.  The new offerings that were announced during VMworld 2017 are:

VMware Cloud on AWS – VMware Infrastructure Services (vSphere/vSAN/NSX) available through AWS.

Wavefront by VMware – SaaS based monitoring and analytics.

HCX Technologies –  Software that abstracts version differences between platforms for full mobility between cloud platforms private & public (IBM and OVH late 2017).

Network Insight – Network Visibility for Private and Public Clouds.

NSX Cloud – The ability to use NSX across multiple clouds. Removing networking silos, increasing operational efficiency and security consistency.

AppDefense – vSphere hypervisor based protection for application endpoints.

Cost Insight – Private and Public cloud cost based analysis.

Discovery – Private and Public cloud discover of assets.

As you can see this is a significant shift to expand VMware services into cloud based offerings. It was my intention to keep the descriptions at a high level for this article with plans to post follow ups to each offering as I dive into them more. I am excited to see VMware’s shift to this model and looking forward to see how our Enterprise customers respond to this offering. If it is anything like what we have seen with the VMC on AWS beta program, we are in for something good!


Thoughts and opinions are my own and do not represent those of VMware.




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